So, after over 7PB written the 850 Pro has finally given up the ghost. It’s been an amazing run over the past 9 months, and the drive has vastly outlasted its puny 150TB warranty – by a factor of more than 46 times.     Interestingly, the disk didn’t fail while writing but during other… Read More

Wow! 7PB written to a drive only assured for 150TB – that’s more than 46 times the warranted amount, and the disk is still going strong. We’re checking the data written to it every 0.1PB to ensure there is no corruption, and we check the SMART stats for errors too. Nothing. It’s quite remarkable. The… Read More

So – an amazing 6PB written so far, which is 40x the SSD’s rated endurance of 150TBW – and it is still going strong. 3111 sectors have failed during erasure and have been reallocated, which is 53% of the pool – 47% remaining, so still a fair bit of life in the disk. We have… Read More

So – 5PB written, no unrecoverable errors, and some interesting observations from the stats below. The rate of sector failures has fallen dramatically over the last PB written. It is difficult to be certain of the cause – it may simply be that the weaker flash cells have been largely eliminated now, and those remaining… Read More

Another milestone reached – 4PB written to the SSD, and it is still working fine! Sector fails have risen to 2254, but these have all occurred during erasure and so have not introduced any unrecoverable errors yet. Program Fail errors still stand at zero, as do Reported Uncorrectable. The SSD has reallocated 39% of its… Read More

After an 8-day power-off, the server was restarted and the large test file was read from the disk. There were no errors – it read back perfectly and fast, averaging 561MB/s. The write tests have resumed, as we will update when there is more news.… Read More

So, another petabyte written and the disk is still working well – no unrecoverable errors so far and no drop in performance. Sector fails are creeping up steadily – just under 800 to date – but so far all these have occurred when the flash was being erased rather than written to. The SSD controller appears… Read More

After 7 days powered off, we reconnected the disk and booted the test server. The aim was to check whether the flash, after 2PB written, could still retain data reliably. We had left a huge file completely filling the SSD before powering down the system, and read this back to check for errors. There were… Read More

So, finally, after 1.96PB written to the disk, we have our first failures in the flash: 2 sectors have been reallocated from reserved space after they failed to erase properly. The disk is still working fine, and it can be read from and written to without problem, but clearly our workload is starting to take… Read More

So, the 850 Pro continues to impress, and this is quite something: 2PBW and the flash is less than a third worn. According to SMART stats, we should still have another 4+PB (69%) to go: ID# ATTRIBUTE_NAME          VALUE WORST THRESH TYPE      RAW_VALUE   5 Reallocated_Sector_Ct   099   099  … Read More